Golf Digest Hot List

Like many of you I look forward to the Golf Digest Hot List to see what are the new trends in golf equipment.  They do a great job in highlighting where equipment is headed and I like that.  When it comes to the actual evaluation of the clubs I cannot help but think things aren’t as unbiased as they suggest.

In recent years I have noticed that some of the top brands are routinely given the gold and silver medals regardless of the quality of the product.  I found this strange but passed it off as these brands were head and shoulders above the competition.   Recently I have been told my multiple sources that Golf Digest may not  be as “unbiased” as they appear.   These top golf companies are amongst the top advertisers in Golf Digest and there is an unwritten code that they expect their products to be included in the hot list every year and failure to do so could result in a loss of some major ad revenue for Golf Digest.

Without any personal knowledge I can see how this could be true, Golf Digest does not blindly test the clubs, each judge knows what club they are using and at the very least could have a bias for one manufacturer over another.

So next time you read the Hot List please take it with a grain of salt, do your own research, try out a few different brands and have your own independent opinion.

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