Phil Mickelson vs. Scott McCarron

I was hoping things between Lefty and Scott McCarron would blow over but McCarron won’t let it go so I feel I have to discuss it. 

Everything stems from Scott McCarron saying it is cheating using the Ping Eye2 wedges with square grooves made from 1985-1989 that are conforming clubs according to the USGA.  Since Phil is using the Ping wedges it would be fair to say he called Lefty a cheater.

I just don’t get where McCarron gets off calling players using conforming clubs cheaters, he is completely off base.  If the USGA says the clubs are allowed, they can be used on the PGA tour, end of story.  McCarron should spend more time working on his game (MC at the Farmer’s Insurance Open) and less time worrying about what his fellow players are doing.  Last I checked he is not the one who is the governing body for the PGA Tour.  Come to think of it when was the last time we’ve heard McCarron’s name mentioned for something he did on the golf course?  I’m not sure either…

Phil Mickelson has been rumored to be taking legal action against McCarron for slandering but that has yet to be played out.   We all wish this would pass but it doesn’t seem like McCarron is letting it.  These guys are playing for millions of dollars every week and who can blame them for taking every advantage they can WITHIN the rules?

As always you can follow me on twitter at all comments welcome and I will get back to everyone.   More actual golf talk later in the week with Phil headed to LA to defend his title at the Northern Trust Open.


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